Spring Clean Your Fine Jewelry Collection

As the freezing winter temperatures begin to thaw, many celebrate the season of renewal by cleansing their homes and belongings. Spring cleaning is a task performed by millions of people, but there are a lot of homeowners who neglect their most valuable possessions. While it’s great to have freshly dusted furniture and newly mopped floors, it’s also important that you remember to care for your fine jewelry collection. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we enjoy helping our local Atlanta, Georgia area customers maintain, repair and restore their most treasured possessions, and we want to help you do the same. Here are some helpful tips on how you can apply spring cleaning principals to provide some tender love and care to your favorite luxury accessories. 


The first step is to go through your jewelry collection and reorganize items. Over the past twelve months, it’s likely that there are at least a few mismatched earrings or bracelets that have found their way to another area. If you’ve misplaced items in places like drawers, nightstands, bathroom counters, ring dishes, purses, travel cases or other areas, make sure to locate them. Once you have all your jewelry gathered in a single location, it’s time to clean out your jewelry box. Clean the soft velvet lining, wash cloth jewelry bags and replace air tight pouches if needed. 


Next, gently clean each individual item. Be sure to use nonabrasive jewelry mitts or cloths, and only use soap and warm water on jewelry that needs a good scrub. Avoid any chemical cleaners or rough materials, as these could scratch or damage diamonds, gems and precious metals. In certain cases, an item may need a little extra cleaning to get rid of grime. In these circumstances, you may want to get some items professionally cleaned. 

Repair and Restore

This is also an excellent opportunity to check stone settings, bracelet links, necklace clasps and luxury watches for signs of damage or worn out parts. A professional jeweler can help you repair, restore or replace problems. 

Return Items to Their Proper Place

When you’ve thoroughly cleaned, repaired or restored all the items in your collection, it’s time to return them to their proper place inside your jewelry box. Be sure to use a container that’s designed for fine jewelry, and protects against oxidation, dust and other debris while remaining in storage. You’ll also want to make sure the jewelry doesn’t come into contact with each other. Many choose to use air tight plastic bags made for jewelry storage, or velvet bags for this purpose. Avoid exposing your jewelry box to harsh temperatures, excessive moisture or unfavorable environmental conditions to ensure your jewelry remains in great condition long term. Repeat this process once a year to maximize the longevity of your beautiful jewelry. 

Need Help Restoring Your Jewelry Collection? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Are you in need of a professional cleaning, repair, resizing service, restoration, battery replacement, watch repair or other fine jewelry cleaning and repair service? Then call or visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia today. Our experienced experts are ready to help make your damaged, dirty or deteriorating jewelry shine like new again. Contact our office today for more information about our wide range of offerings or to schedule a convenient appointment.

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