Summertime Jewelry maintenance

Summer is the perfect time to have fun and engage in numerous outdoor activities like a family bike ride, water gun or balloon battle; in addition to having different smoothies and doughnuts at the parks. However, it is also the time your jewelry gets most vulnerable to the hard knocks caused by frequent usage and other environmental factors. No doubt, the pieces of jewelry are your priceless treasures but if they are not properly cared for or protected, they can worn-out sooner than you expected.

As a matter of fact, the different cream you apply on the body, perfumes and lotions contain some acidic substances that can have an adverse effect on the brightness and durability of your jewelry. Nevertheless, if you can follow these Summertime Jewelry maintenance tips by Royal Design, you will sustain those spackling features of your jewelry and they will look their best at all times.

Safely store the jewelry

The jewelry should be kept in a clean and dry place that can be accessed by few people in your household. Children don’t know the worth and value of your jewelry so if you’re careless, they could play with it, and the prongs can get loose, the mountings might get cracked, resulting to expensive repairs.

Also, the jewelry should be stored separately in the same location to avoid scratches.

Learn jewelry cleaning techniques

There are techniques for cleaning your jewelry that will help maintain their beauty, and they will also last as long as possible. As a rule of thumb, the jewelry should be cleaned gently and slowly. No matter the class, quality, carat percentage, gold or silver jewelry, don’t rub it too hard. Other ways of cleaning your jewelry include:

Cleaning with warm water

If it is gold jewelry, soak it in warm water for ten to fifteen. If necessary, you can add mild soap and use very soft or old toothbrush to remove some of the junks.

The process of cleaning silver jewelry is a little different because it is scratched easily. You are to rinse it with warm water and use a clean cloth to dry it up. For advanced cleaning of the silver jewelry, call us for directives.

Re-plating the jewelry

Have you noticed that your ring, necklaces, bangles and other jewelry have become spotty? Don’t use the above-suggested cleaning methods because you are dealing with dirt rather you need to call professional jewelers from Royal Design, and we can get it re-oxidized or plated in no time.

It is possible to reincarnate your jewelry – don’t doubt the possibility, because a trial will definitely convince you

Consult a professional jeweler

Have you noticed that your ring scratches, bracelets dents and other worn-out signs in your precious jewelry? Do not waste more time because replacing your diamond weddings rings, diamonds and gold jewelry can be very costly. Professional jewelers are trained to handle wear and tear, dents, dirt and other unfriendly developments in your jewelry. 

Your jewelry are priceless treasures, don’t let them get obsolete because of lack of maintenance. Call professional jewelers or pay us a visit to Royal Design

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