The Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings in 2022

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Then you may have already begun shopping for diamond rings. If you have been looking for a luxury jewelry store in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, visit the professionals at Royal Design Fine Jewelry. We have a wide selection of diamond engagement rings, so you can find the perfect ring for your proposal. Are you unsure which styles are popular in 2022? Read below for a list of the most beloved designs for modern engagement rings.

Diamond Solitaire

The minimalist aesthetic and simplistic elegance of a beautiful diamond solitaire is still the most popular choice for new brides. The timeless appeal and showstopping dramatic statement of a truly opulent diamond will likely remain a top style well into the future.


A cathedral setting has a central stone much like a solitaire, but the shape of the band includes raised arches that provide additional support. The look is polished, elegant, and sophisticated. Some styles will also incorporate additional diamonds or gemstones along the raised arches for additional decorative flair.


The infinity ring symbolizes relationships that will last forever, making it a very popular choice for engagement rings. What sets this style apart from others is that the bands twist around the center stone to resemble the shape of the infinity symbol. This choice is perfect for fans of multiple precious metals since the twisted bands can offer additional contrast when they are incorporated with a hint of white or rose gold.


If you love diamonds, then a pavé engagement ring is the one for you. The name is French, and is used because the band appears to be "paved" with small diamonds. Rather than the simple band used in other styles, this setting has a row of diamonds set into the precious metal. The diamonds can incorporate both larger stones or micro-pavé diamonds that are .01 carats. Some styles have the diamonds set only across the top, while others have the stones set into the entire length of the band.


If you like pavé diamonds, but want a more elaborate design, then consider a halo engagement ring. These have the pavé stones that not only surround the band but also make a ring around the central stone. While this look is beautiful with white diamonds, it is also a great choice for those who want to incorporate contrast with yellow or pink diamonds because the halo ring makes the main feature truly stand out.

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