The Romanov Family Jewels

At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we bring some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones and precious metals to our local customers. If you’re a fellow lover of diamonds, gold and gorgeous treasures, then you’ve no doubt heard about the infamous Romanov Crown Jewels. The last royal dynasty of Russia is well known for their love of glittering baubles, and despite a bitter end for the Tsar’s family, the legacy of their treasures endures. Here are just a few of the interesting pieces on display at the Kremlin in Moscow. Hopefully, it will inspire you to begin your own fine jewelry collection. 

The Tumultuous History of the Romanov Jewels 

The Romanov’s ruled over Russia for more than 300 years, from the 1613 coronation of Tsar Michael I to the violent end of Nicholas II in the Russian Revolution of 1917. During this time, the family amassed an impressive collection of the world’s most rare and valued treasures. In 1719, Peter I, also known as Peter the Great, began to house his valuable gemstones in a guarded area called the Diamond Chamber. It was here that the magnificent marvels of Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great housed their most prized posessions. During World War I, the contents of the Diamond Chamber were moved to Moscow for safe keeping. However, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, much like the French Crown Jewels following the French Revolution, resulted in the confiscation of the Romanov’s treasures. Some members of the royal family are rumored to have successfully hidden pieces of the collection with trusted friends. A substantial cache of these treasures were discovered in 1933 in the care of Vasily Michaelovich Kornilov. Empress Alexandra had smuggled many jewels into Tobolsk and left them with the Mother Superior of the Tobolsk Ivanovski Monastary. The Imperial gems, crowns, diadems, brooches and bracelets that remained in Moscow were transferred to the Soviet Diamond Fund that was established in 1922. They can be seen on display today at the Diamond Fund Museum in Moscow, Russia. 

Imperial Crown 

The Great Imperial Crown of Russia was used by the Romanov dynasty from 1762 until 1917. It was first employed during the coronation of Catherine II and was last worn by Nicholas II at the State Opening of the Duma in 1906. It replaced the earlier Crown of Monomakh which had been used by former Tsars and Emperors since the 15th century. The crown weighs approximately 9 pounds and contains almost 5,000 diamonds, 74 pearls and a 398-carat red spinel. 

Imperial Sceptre

The Russian Imperial Sceptre was made for Catherine II’s coronation ceremony. The Russian Empress, known for her luxurious tastes, who had the famous Orlov diamond set into it’s tip, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The Orlov diamond is one of the largest in the world at 190 carats. The 2 inch high stone is cut into a domed shape with 180 facets.

Shah Diamond 

The Shah Diamond was first presented to the Nizam Shahi court in Ahmednagar in the 16th century where it received its first carving in 1591. It was later inherited by the son of Shah Jahan who hung it above the throne surrounded by emeralds and rubies. The diamond exchanged hands again in 1738 after Nadir Shah attacked India and took it to Persia where it was kept until 1829. During that year, a Russian diplomat by the name of Aleandr Griboyedov was killed in Tehran.  As a gesture of goodwill, the Shah presented the famous jewel to Tsar Nicholas I, who placed it with the other Russian Crown Jewels in St. Petersburg. It is now on exhibit at the Kremlin in Moscow. 

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