The World’s Most Rare Precious Metals

While the diamond or colored gemstone often takes center stage in fine jewelry design, it’s the luminous metals that provide the accents which takes your engagement ring, drop earrings or necklace pendant to the next level. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide our local customer with some of the world’s most rare and beautiful collection of treasures. Have you ever wondered which of the Earth’s metals is the most rare and valuable? We’ve put together a short list of the world’s most precious metals. 


Francium is the rarest metal in the world. It’s highly radioactive and it’s estimated that there is only a single ounce of naturally occurring Francium in the Earth at any given time. It’s so unstable, that it has a half-life of 22 minutes before it decays into the element astatine. While extremely rare and valuable, you’re not likely to find a necklace or engagement ring made from this unique precious metal.


Platinum is another extremely rare precious metal. Unlike the previously mentioned Francium, this gorgeous silvery toned metal is very stable and is used in luxury jewelry making because of its brilliant shine and resistance toward corrosion. Often found among deposits of nickel and copper, the world’s platinum reserves are most often mined in South Africa, along with another of Mother Nature’s most rare and opulent gifts – diamonds. 


Rhodium is a member of the platinum group and is often found next to similar metals. It’s highly valuable and extremely rare. Like it’s cousin platinum, it is one of the least corrosive elements, and even resists caustic chemicals. Because it is difficult to acquire, it is commonly mixed into an alloy of palladium, platinum or electroplated on top of white gold to aid in resistance towards tarnishing. It is also highly prized for its use in a wide range of industrial settings. 


Though gold is found much more abundantly than rhodium and platinum, it is still one of the world’s most valuable and difficult to acquire metals. It’s for this reason that gold has been the backbone of economic systems reaching as far back as the world’s first ancient civilizations. Kings and Emperors have waged many military and exploration campaigns in search of it, making it the perfect precious metal to use for fine jewelry that’s fit for royalty. In its natural form, gold is found in small nuggets or running through the veins of certain minerals. It’s beautiful yellow shine makes an incredible backdrop for showcasing expertly cut brilliant diamonds and colored gemstones. It can also be mixed with copper to create rose gold, or combined with nickel and palladium to make white gold. 

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