3 Perfect Symbols of Love

Are you looking for more ways to say “I Love You”? Whether you’re purchasing a gift for Valentine’s Day, a lover’s birthday or your next Anniversary, choosing an object that symbolizes your appreciation and unity is sure to be a joyful surprise. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide exquisite treasures for our customers both local, and worldwide. If you’re searching for the perfect trinket to show your affection, here are three symbols often incorporated into jewelry, that can help give her, or him, the right message.

Knots of Love

A love knot is usually depicted as an unending coil tied together, showcasing your undying love and unyielding affection. Many also view the love knot as a representation of the old European tradition of hand fasting, where young couples would say I do while “tying the knot” around their joined hands. The unique correspondence of this symbol makes rings, bracelets and necklace pendants depicting it an excellent gift to give the one you love most. 

Infinity Signs

The Infinity symbol, also known as the Lemniscate, has been used since ancient Greece to signify eternity, as well as the union and balance of opposing forces. This magical and mathematical emblem of the infinite makes the perfect timeless gift to showcase the magnitude of your love.  

Classic Heart Shapes

The heart shape is perhaps one of the most common symbols used to represent love. Humanity has recognized the image within natural objects associated with fertility, beauty and relationships. Examples include the seeds of the now extinct Silphium plants of Cyrene or the leaves of the sacred water lily – also seen on flags and heraldic shields of Frisian, Danish and Germanic peoples. From classic valentine’s day chocolate boxes, to vintage lockets, hearts are an excellent way to call attention to the devotion you have for your beloved. 

Tips for Choosing Symbolic Jewelry for Your Significant Other

Because these symbols represent the boundlessness and immensity of true love, it’s important to choose jewelry made with materials that will also stand the test of time. Precious metals like white and yellow gold will remain shining and beautiful with minimum effort, and will retain its value forever. You may want to find rings, pendants and other jewelry items that are accented with diamonds or colored gemstones to reflect the unique attributes of your loved one. Inscriptions and the method used to give the gift are other ways to personalize their new treasure and ensure it will always remain a cherished piece of their jewelry collection. 

Searching for Unique Treasures for Your Spouse or Lover? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

If you’re on the hunt for something truly special for the love of your life, then the experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are ready to help. Visit us in person at our Atlanta, Georgia location, or shop conveniently online and choose from a large selection of beautiful, memorable gifts that will enhance and reaffirm your extraordinary relationship. 

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