Tips for Choosing a Quality Luxury Watch

Investing in a luxury watch is something that many people aspire to for years. It’s important that that the value and quality of your timepiece meets your standards. After all, luxury watches are often heirloom items that will be worn for decades, and passed on to family members or loved ones. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we provide jewelry and luxury watches with the highest quality diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. Whether you’re a local Atlanta, Georgia area resident looking for a new watch to add to your collection, or you’re browsing the internet in search of your first Rolex, the team at Royal Design is ready to help. Here are a few tips for choosing a luxury watch that you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Research the Manufacturer

When it comes to watches, the reputation of the manufacturer is one of the most vital considerations to make. Brands like Cartier, Rolex and Blancpain have spent a century developing their craft, and it’s the intricacy and artistry of their designs that makes them worth so much more than a department store fashion watch. Before making a final purchase, take the time to research the brand of your new watch, and understand the history and practices of the company ahead of time. 

Choose a Style That Fits Your Personality 

The next step is to determine which style of watch you prefer. Dress watches usually come with a leather band, are thin for ease of wear and have a simple display. This style works best for formal occasions or at the office when worn with a suit or tuxedo. For more casual situations, a field watch or dive watch is often preferred. These styles offer a more rugged and classic look. These models of watches were first used by soldiers in the trenches of World War 1, and further popularized by adventurous movie stars in the 1950’s and 60’s. A perfect example is the Role Submariner worn by James Bond. A diver or field watch will have a heavier build, and a larger face. You’ll need to choose a watch that beset fits your lifestyle, and might want to consider investing in a watch to suit various occasions. 

Consider the Features

You’ll also want to think about which kind of features you need. Do you prefer mechanical or automatic self-winding watches that don’t require batteries? Are you interested in the accuracy of quartz powered watches? Is your preference a basic watch with a clean face that simply tells the time of day, or do you like complex designs that provide a chronograph, moon phase display and alarm? 

Determine the Quality of Materials 

While the quality of brand and manufacturing are important characteristics of a watch, so is the type of materials used to create it. Watches that are made with gold and platinum will hold more perceived and intrinsic value. Keep in mind that stainless steel and leather luxury watches may house opulent features, like a sapphire glass face, diamond accents or inlaid gemstones. Selecting a watch with these precious metals and rare treasures will not only provide a higher return on your investment, but it will ensure that your watch will remain brilliant and beautiful over time. 

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