Tips for Wearing Jewelry During Portraits

People hire professional photographers for many different reasons. You may be a hopeful performer in need of headshots? Maybe you’re a business owner preparing for a website update or advertising campaign? Portraits are also an excellent way to capture important milestones like weddings, anniversaries and pregnancies. Sometimes families enjoy getting annual pictures every Christmas, or at the summer family reunion. Regardless of the reason why you’re getting professional pictures made, there’s one piece of advice that is often repeated, “Don’t wear jewelry.” While this statement is often made by well-meaning individuals, that doesn’t mean it’s true in all cases. It can be particularly frustrating for people who want to highlight their beautiful accessories. A bride will want to show off her engagement ring during her wedding photos. A woman might want to wear her husband’s diamond studded gift for their 40th anniversary portrait. Unfortunately, this common misconception can make it difficult for people to find tips on how to achieve great results when wearing jewelry in professional photography sessions. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry store, we enjoy helping our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world, get the most from their valuable investments. That’s why we would like to offer advice on how you can get the portrait of your dreams while wearing your favorite treasures.

Communicate Your Expectations with the Photographer

The most important step is to speak openly with your photographer about your desires. If you want to have a few photos where your wedding ring, anniversary gift, retirement watch, Mother’s Day pendant or college championship ring is the focus, let them know ahead of time. After all, while photographers are highly skilled, they aren’t mind readers. If they’re well informed, they can prepare by choosing the proper lighting, poses and digital enhancements to give you the results you really want. They may also have a chance to think of creative ways to tell a story about your item with specific poses or background props. 

Wear Clothing that Enhances Your Jewelry

Choose your clothing and hairstyle carefully. If your clothing clashes with the colors of your gemstones, or has a pattern that demands all the attention, you’ll create more distraction. Most photography sessions provide multiple clothing changes. This kind of arrangement will allow you to get some great photos where your fine jewelry is the focus. You can always wear something snazzy for the additional pictures and have the best of both worlds. 

Less is Best

Try to only choose one or two accessories to wear at a time. Too much brilliance could outshine the star of the show – you. If you have several pieces you want to include, try getting multiple poses where each piece of jewelry is showcased in its own series of photos.  

Are You Looking for the Perfect Accessory for Your Next Photography Session? 

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