Types of Gemstones

Are you looking for unique designs for your luxury jewelry? Gemstones make a beautiful addition to any diamond accessory. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, enjoy providing the world’s most luxurious diamonds and gemstones for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and across the country. Whether you’re looking for a memorable gift, are shopping for your new bride’s engagement ring, or want a unique piece to add to your growing collection, our experts are ready to help you choose the perfect treasure. 

Popular Varieties of Gemstones

There are numerous types of gemstones available around the world. From golden Citrine to midnight Onyx, buyers are sure to find a stone to match any color of the rainbow. However, the traditional list of cardinal gems includes Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst and Sapphire. These four beautiful jewels continue to remain some of the most highly sought after and valuable minerals in the world. 

Emerald – Emeralds are a specific variety of Beryl. It receives its signature green hue from traces of chromium found inside the stone. The Emerald is the official birthstone of people born in May and are most frequently mined in South America, Africa and Asia.

Sapphire – Sapphires are found in an array of colors like pink, green, yellow, purple and more. However, the most popular variety is a rich, deep tone of blue. Sapphires are a harder stone that receives a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. September is the month dedicated to this precious stone. 

Ruby – The gorgeous crimson Ruby is made from a crystalline form of aluminum oxide known as corundum. It is often associated with royalty and was a favorite of the ancient Roman’s who believed it would provide them with additional courage and strength. 

Amethyst – Amethyst is a violet hued type of quartz crystal that includes iron and transition metals that help create its unmistakable purple tone. They are found most often in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia and multiple regions of the East.  

How to Determine the Quality of a Gemstone?

Like diamonds, gemstone quality is determined by a variety of factors including weight, cut, clarity and color. Rarity and popularity are also an important consideration in the fluctuating price of specific minerals.  

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