Valentine’s Day Proposal Tips

Have you already decided she’s the one for you? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to ask her the big question. You’ll already be planning an over the top date, so make it one of the most memorable days of her life by offering her a dazzling diamond ring and an unforgettable proposal. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we enjoy helping young couples find the perfect engagement ring to symbolize their union. We often help nervous individuals find creative ways to ask for their lover’s hand. Here are some tips for a Valentine’s Day proposal she’s not likely to refuse. 

Romantic Replay

Is there a specific date that stands out above all the rest? Recreate the occasion by going to the same restaurant, staying at the same hotel, etc. Make the second round even more memorable by asking for her hand in marriage at just the right time. 

Say it with Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is rarely complete without a box of delicious chocolates. Lay out a table with all the normal Valentine’s goodies, a bottle of champagne, oversized teddy bear, a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers and a large box of the most luxurious chocolate truffles you can find. In the center, take out one of the chocolate pieces and put your diamond engagement ring in its place. 

Follow the Hearts

Lead her down the trail with a line of tiny candy conversation hearts. Create a large paper Valentine’s Day card, like the kind you exchanged in Kindergarten, and display it in a romantic location surrounded by rose petals. On the card, write in large letters, “Will You Marry Me”, and have the ring ready to present as soon as she sees the words. 

The Early Bird Gets the Girl

Most people wait until the end of the night to pop the question. Instead, plan a fun trip or day long excursion and take her to breakfast early in the morning. Order waffles or pancakes with whipped cream, and ask the waiter to place the ring right on top. She’ll be completely surprised, and you’ll have the whole rest of the day to celebrate your new engagement. 

Dinner and a Show

If you’d rather wait for the romantic night time atmosphere, take her out to a dinner and a show. However, instead of asking the question at the restaurant, go to a cabaret, standup comedy show or other live performance afterward. Arrange ahead of time to be called on stage, and ask her to marry you. You might be surprised by how many artists would be flattered to be a part of your once in a lifetime event. They might even let you create props, or perform with you to make it a night she’ll never forget. Either way, you’ll be sure to steal the show. 

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