The Rising Popularity of Rose Gold

From cell phones and headphones to nail polish and bridesmaid’s gowns, Rose Gold seems to be the trendiest metal in today’s marketplace. The color is feminine, luxurious and modern and even inspired one of Pantone’s 2016 color of the year. But why has Rose Gold suddenly risen from the history of the fashion world so abruptly? Is it here to stay, and should lovers of fine jewelry invest in pieces made from Rose Gold? At Royal Design, we bring the world’s finest gemstones and precious metals to residents of Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. We have also embraced the Rose Gold fever and have a few fun facts to share that might help you decide if you’re ready to do the same. 

What Is Rose Gold?

Luxurious gold and warm copper is combined to create a metal alloy in varying shades of pink and red. The description of this mixture changes based on the depth of its tone. Lighter shades are known as “pink gold”, and darker degrees are referred to as “red gold”. 18K Rose Gold usually contains around 75% gold, 22% copper and a small amount of silver. Making Rose Gold a beautiful blend of three of the world’s most sought after precious metals. 

A Brief History of Rose Gold

Ancient civilizations who worked with gold, often described the metal as having a red tint, probably because of impurities that we’re difficult to remove using the methods available at the time. Centuries later, Russia made Rose gold very popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and could often be found in the fine jewelry of the Tsars and their family as well as in the famed Faberge Eggs. 

Why Is It Making a Comeback? 

The world began rushing for all things rose colored after tech company Apple made it one of 4 choices available for their popular iPhones and MacBooks. While rose gold tinted lipstick and electronic gadgets seem to make a silent statement about their owners love of leading edge luxury, the level of elegance is taken a step further when someone is wearing authentic Rose Gold jewelry. Millennials may have resurrected the pink hued metal, but now women and men of all ages are also purchasing Rose Gold pieces. From designer men’s watches to engagement rings fit for a princess, people everywhere seem to want their very own Rose Gold accessory. Some may hesitate to make purchase Rose Gold because they aren’t sure if it’s a good investment. There’s no reason to stay on the fence any longer. The durability, affordability and vintage appeal of all Rose Gold jewelry is sure to be well worth it. 

Are You Ready to Wear Authentic Rose Gold? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry 

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous wedding ring, stunning anniversary necklace or a beautiful bracelet, Rose Gold is the perfect choice for those who embody both contemporary style and timeless opulence. Have you decided it’s time to invest in Rose Gold for yourself or a loved one? Look for your next Rose Gold treasure at Royal Design of Atlanta, Georgia. Our highly trained and knowledgeable experts will discuss your unique tastes and preferences to help you find the perfect piece to add to your fine jewelry collection.

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