Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Engraving a wedding ring is an excellent way to create a unique and memorable design. However, most people aren’t exactly sure what they should write. After all, the bride and groom will be wearing the phrase for many years to come, and the message will serve as a reminder of lasting affection. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are proud to offer our clients the world's most dazzling engagement rings and diamond accessories. Are you unsure how you will personalize the engraving on your wedding rings? Here are some suggestions that can help make the planning process a little easier. 


Is your spouse more of a traditionalist? Then personalize their ring with a timeless expression from a vintage source. Look for romantic phrases from poems, plays, classic literature or religious versus that are sure to make them smile. 


If you would rather take the humorous approach, consider getting an engraving that will keep your lover chuckling for life. Funny phrases like “Put Me Back On”, “Better Half” or “Don’t Lose This One” is a way to add an interesting modern twist to an age-old tradition.


Is your betrothed a huge fan of Pokemon? Then “Together We’ll Catch Them All” is a quirky and personal way to show you care. Do both of you enjoy Lord of the Rings? You could engrave the words “My Precious” for a romantic phrase that holds a double meaning. Get creative with your loved one’s favorite film, book or video game. 


Another great option is to choose a phrase in a foreign language. Is your history loving bride fluent in Latin? Then she will love to see an engraving of a phrase like “semper fidelis” (always faithful) or “Manus in Mano” (hand in hand). Are you honeymooning in Paris? Try “Oui Pour Toujours” (Yes Forever). 


Do you both love the Beatles? Did you meet at a music festival or a crowded concert? Engrave your favorite lyrics on the inside of the rings. Is it hard to narrow down your choices to just one song? Consider using a line from a song played during the wedding ceremony or reception. 


You can also use a phrase that will serve as a constant reminder of your special day. Engrave the rings with a line from your vows or “The Millers Est. 8/29/19” or “Aug 29, 2019 to Infinity”. 

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