What Does a Gemologist Do?

When looking for certified diamonds and gemstones, do you often wonder how the process is performed, and who is working behind the scenes? We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry offer the world’s most luxurious diamond accessories for clients in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area and across the nation. Whether you are interested in embarking on a new career or want to research more about diamond certification before making your next purchase, here is some helpful information about Gemologists and the important work they perform. 

What is Gemology?

Gemology is a branch of geoscience that focuses on the study of natural and artificial minerals and gemstones. Before the modern era, purchasing fine jewelry could be risky, since some stones can look like more valuable gems. In the nineteenth century, as the scientific world began to establish strict standards for classification, identification, observation and laboratory work, the first gemological institutions were created. Over the years, organizations such as Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD), the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have continued to evolve and improve, developing the current system of evaluation and certification.  The individuals who are trained and educated by these organizations are called Gemologists.

What Does a Gemologist Do?

Gemologists undergo extensive academic study of gemstones, pearls, diamonds and precious metals. After receiving their initial training, gemologists can explore a variety of career paths and specializations including laboratory research and grading, jewelry design, museum curation, appraisals, merchandising, lapidary and more.  

The Certification Process 

Are you still wondering how a gemologist evaluates the quality and value of a diamond or precious gemstone? While different institutions have varying processes for certification, all reputable organizations will conduct in depth analysis of the diamond or gemstone’s unique features. The cut, clarity, color and weight of the individual stone will all factor into the final evaluation. This means that when you purchase fine jewelry that has been inspected by one of these well-established institutes, you can rest assured that your new investment is authentic and held to the highest standards. Always look for proper certification when selecting fine jewelry or loose gemstones. Doing so will ensure that your purchase will retain its value long term. The diamond and gemstone engagement rings, bracelets, pendants and other luxury accessories at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are certified through GIA, EGL or HRD. Our experts can help you choose an item that best fits your unique needs.

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