What is More Important, Diamond Color or Clarity?

Whether you’re looking for loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, there are certain characteristics that buyers should pay close attention to. Color and clarity are two of the most common factors that can add or detract from the overall value of a diamond. However, some people feel uncomfortable choosing between a faint yellow diamond with excellent clarity, or a near colorless diamond with a few inclusions. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are proud to offer our clients high quality accessories that include the world's most dazzling diamonds. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice. 

The Importance of Color and Clarity When Determining the Value of a Diamond

The color of a diamond is an essential characteristic. While this term can refer to the actual hue of a pink, blue or other fancy diamond, it is also used when purchasing colorless diamonds. Colorless diamonds can range in color from Light Yellow to Colorless using a scale from D to Z. Clarity is another vital factor when making a diamond purchase. Clarity determines the amount of imperfections within the stone itself. The presence of cloudiness, cavities, feathers, cleaving, bearding and other common inclusions can increase or decrease the overall quality of diamonds and gemstones.

Which Is Most Important for Buyers?

When buyers are left with a choice between two diamonds, some tend to sacrifice one over the other. However, it’s important to keep in mind that both elements are important for the value of the diamond. Comparing apples to oranges isn’t always the most effective method of selection. Instead, it can be helpful to set a personal standard for your preferred clarity and color, and never accept a diamond whose grade falls below those desired levels. It’s better to have a diamond with high quality color and clarity, even if you must purchase a stone with slightly less carats in a more economical cut. This attitude will ensure that the value of your diamonds will remain high and continue to retain and even increase it’s worth over time. 

Understanding Your Unique Needs

Of course, taking this approach will require you to have an in depth understanding of your needs. It will also be important to know the preferences of a friend or loved one who may receive the diamond as a gift or inheritance. Analyzing the common positive attributes and potential problems with your favorite diamond shape can play a central role in determining what kind of standards you will set. Keep in mind that your needs may shift with different pieces and designs. For instance, the color and clarity of a solitaire will be very important, since the quality of the diamond will be highlighted. On the other hand, a pendant or tennis bracelet with multiple colored gemstones or fancy diamonds may still look beautiful next to a slightly yellow diamond with a barely noticeable flaw. 

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