When to Take Off Your Ring

A wedding ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry in any woman’s collection. In most cases, a diamond engagement ring or wedding band is worn daily, and rarely taken off. Still, it’s important to keep your luxury jewelry well protected. In certain circumstances, it is best to remove the ring to avoid unnecessary damage. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are proud to offer the world’s most beautiful diamond jewelry for customers in Atlanta, GA and across the United States. We want our clients to receive the most enjoyment from their investments, which is why we are offering these tips for men and women who want to keep their favorite diamond accessory in excellent condition long term.  


Whether you’re scrubbing the bathtub or digging in the garden, it’s best to keep your ring in a safe location while performing housework of all kinds. Neglecting to do so could leave your ring vulnerable to scratches, chemical damage, broken prongs or lost stones. 


Frequent contact with chlorinated water can negatively affect precious metals. In addition, swimming in in the ocean, lake or other natural body of water could cause you to lose your ring entirely. It isn’t worth the risk. Always take off your ring before diving in.  

Fitness Activities

Your gorgeous 4 carat diamond solitaire may look amazing while swinging a club at tee off, or when lifting weights at the gym, but it isn’t a good idea to wear your ring while working out. Wearing your wedding ring while playing sports or engaging in other fitness activities can be dangerous.


Many women retain water when they are in various stages of pregnancy. A ring that fit perfectly just a few months ago, might be too small now. Unfortunately, resizing your ring may not be the best option, since the swelling will likely fluctuate wildly over the next year. If you can’t part with your ring for that long, consider wearing it as a necklace until after the baby is born. 

Applying Beauty Products 

Lotions, hairspray, cosmetics and other beauty products may cause your ring to become sticky and dirty. You could also accidentally snag one of the prongs while doing your hair or when getting dressed. Simply set your ring safely to the side during your morning or evening beauty routine. 

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