Which Stones Pair Best with Yellow Gold

Do you love the classic appeal of traditional yellow gold? While rose and white gold have risen in popularity over the past few years, yellow gold has been one of the most valuable and sought after precious metals since the beginning of civilization. Worn by kings, queens and prosperous individuals from antiquity until modern day, jewelry made with this shining has a timeless sophistication unmatched by any alternative. At Royal Design, we enjoy helping our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world find their favorite treasures. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, these gemstone combinations will further enhance the stylish charm of your next yellow gold ring, bracelet, necklace or set of earrings. 

Clear: Diamonds, Colorless Topaz or Morganite

Choosing a premium quality diamond, topaz or morganite stone will showcase the beauty of the gold itself. These options work great in intricate designs or when showcasing large stones. 

Deep Blue: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire or Tanzanite

This combo is reminiscent of the sun rising in the sky against a backdrop of midnight blue. Dark cobalt or navy blue shades pair very well with yellow gold for a sophisticated and luxurious mix. 

Bright Pink: Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire or Rhodalite Garnet

Beautiful bright pinks and yellow gold give a bold, feminine twist to classic jewelry designs. Great for people who want to integrate conventional style with a modern flair. 

Purple: Amethyst, Fluorite or Purple Jadeite

Whether you choose a royal purple fit for a Queen’s robe or a light lavender shade, both hues provide an opulent and plush compliment to stately yellow gold jewelry. 

Dark Charcoal: Melanite or Black Pearls

Looking for a modern minimalist piece that still makes a statement? The bright sheen of golden colored metal can be further enhanced when paired with sleek black or dark charcoal gray. 

Chocolate: Hessonite Garnet or Chocolate Opal

Do you love the warm and cozy tones of brown and yellow? Meld the two together by introducing a unique chocolate hued gemstone against a backdrop of sunny yellow gold. 

Orange: Amber or Citrine

Those with fiery personalities may appreciate the arrangement of bright and vibrant citrine with the already illuminating brilliance of traditional gold. Amber and gold also look amazing for vintage inspired pieces. 

Green: Emerald, Jade or Peridot

Are you an earth goddess who loves the outdoors? Then choose a lush green gemstone for your gold jewelry. From dark emerald green to the olive green tone of peridot, this gorgeous nature inspired mix will bring mid-century style in balance with today’s ecofriendly trends. 

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