Which Variety of Gold Should You Choose?

Are you searching for an engagement ring, gift or a piece of fine jewelry to add to your personal collection? Quality jewelry is an investment, and while aesthetics is sure to be at the top of your priority when buying an item, the materials used must also be considered if you want to retain highest amount of value. Gold is a noble precious metal that has been the standard for luxury since ancient times. It’s lustrous shine and beauty have created an undying demand for gold jewelry since antiquity, and will continue to remain valuable far into humanities future. However, with so many varieties of gold jewelry on the market, it can be difficult for some to make a final decision. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we want our local clients to get the most from their investments. Here are a few tips for choosing the variety of gold that will most suit your unique needs. 

Color Varieties

The most common varieties of gold include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. All of these color tones include alloys of different types and amounts, which give them their color. 

So, when deciding which piece of gold jewelry is right for your next purchase, be sure to take the alloy contents into consideration.

  • Yellow Gold – Mix of pure gold, with small amounts of silver, copper and zinc. This is the color of gold found in its natural state.
  • White Gold – White gold is made with a combination of yellow gold and other white metals such as palladium, nickel and zinc to achieve a similar silvery finish. White gold jewelry is always rhodium plated
  • Rose Gold – Contains gold, copper and silver. The use of copper gives gold jewelry it’s pink hue. 

Karat Considerations

The variations of alloy metals contained within gold jewelry creates a difference in the number of karats. 24K gold is pure gold. However, jewelry made with 100% gold can be soft and may require more repairs or refinishing over time. On the other hand, 24K gold is void of other alloy metals, making it less susceptible to tarnishing and more hypoallergenic. Majority of Royal Design’s jewelry is created in 18K and 14K gold. This is recommended because the alloys added to the gold make it more durable. It’s important to note that gold jewelry under 10K cannot be sold as gold in the United States. Knowing the karat of your gold ring, necklace, earring set or bracelet is important if you want to be aware of its value and quality. The following list can be used when making purchasing decisions:

  • 24K – 100% Pure Gold – Only Yellow Gold can be found in 24K
  • 22K – 91.67% Pure Gold – also known as Crown Gold
  • 18K – 75% Pure Gold
  • 14K – 58.5% Pure Gold
  • 10K – 41.7% Pure Gold

The price of gold is not determined by the color, but by the purity. 

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