Why Diamonds Are So Expensive

Diamonds are one of the most treasured materials in the world. Many people prefer the beauty of diamonds for their engagement rings, luxury earrings, tennis bracelets and necklaces. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are proud to provide the world’s most luxurious diamond accessories for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the US. Most men and women understand the appeal of diamonds but aren’t sure why they command such high value. Here are the most important factors that contribute to a diamonds lavish price, and why a quality diamond is well worth the investment.

Challenges with the Mining Process

Diamonds are formed due to the extreme heat and pressure found deep in the Earth’s crust. This makes extracting diamonds a dangerous and difficult process. Mining diamonds requires specialized tools and equipment that are expensive and must be used by highly skilled technicians. Once the diamonds are successfully removed from the soil, they must then be expertly cut and polished. Experienced jewelers who can shape valuable diamonds are also hard to find, further increasing the overall price and value of a beautifully finished diamond. 

Lasting Durability and Strength

The Earth produces numerous beautiful minerals and gems. However, many of the colorful gemstones used in jewelry designs are very sensitive to damage. Gems with scratches or chips can reduce the clarity and reflective ability of the stone, which can decrease the overall value of the piece. Diamonds are well known for their enhanced strength and durability. In fact, diamonds are one of the hardest minerals in the entire world. This means that a well cut diamond will be more likely to retain its luster much longer than alternative stones. 


While diamonds aren’t the rarest stones on the planet, the best quality diamonds can be very difficult to obtain. The diamonds used for luxury jewelry should be made from these exceptionally rare examples. It’s been estimated that only around thirty percent of the world’s available diamond supply are gem-quality, which makes the diamonds used in engagement rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings much more expensive.  

Determining the Price of a Diamond

There are several factors to consider when accurately pricing a diamond. The cut will determine the amount of light that is reflected, causing it to have the brilliant shine that most desire from their diamonds. Clarity is also very important, as the occurrence of too many blemishes or inclusions can decrease the stone’s reflective properties. For this reason, flawless diamonds are the most rare and valuable diamonds on the market. The color and carat weight will also cause the price of a diamond to fluctuate. 

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