Why Shape Matters When Choosing a Diamond

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a diamond ring. Whether you’re searching for an engagement ring, anniversary gift or are simply want a fabulous new accessory, it’s important to choose a stone that will fit your needs and retain its value. Most people instantly search for the carat weight of a diamond, but neglect other vital characteristics like clarity, cut and shape. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re proud to offer the most luxurious and brilliant of nature’s treasures to our customers in Atlanta, GA and around the world. Unsure which shape of diamond is right for you? Here is why shape matters when investing in diamonds, and how you can determine which shape will best fit your unique needs. 

The Difference Between Shape and Cut

A lot of customers confuse cut and shape, and assume they mean the same thing. This is actually not the case. Cut refers to the methods the jeweler uses to refine the shape of a diamond, and will describe factors like proportion and the number of facets which give it it’s brilliance and ability to reflect light. Shape refers to the overall geometric form of the stone, popular examples include oval, pear, marquise, baguette, round, princess, trilliant and more. Shape can affect the overall value of a ring, and can make a big difference to the person who will wear the custom jewelry

How a Diamond’s Shape Can Affect the Cut’s Appearance and Value

Once the shape is determined, the type of cuts performed on the stone can change the worth and effectiveness of the diamond. Most cut varieties will fall into one of two categories, “step” and “brilliant”. Brilliant cuts offer a lot of sparkle because of the tremendous number of facets used to bounce the light from its surface. However, some diamond shapes will enhance the effect of a brilliant cut more than others. For instance, a round diamond with a brilliant cut is extremely popular because it does an incredible job of reflecting the light. On the other hand, a brilliant cut on a pear, marquise or oval shaped diamond may be susceptible to a condition called the bow tie effect, where light becomes diminished toward the center of the diamond. Well brilliant cut diamonds in these unique shapes can be very valuable and beautiful, but they are more difficult to achieve. 

Vulnerability Factors

The shape of a diamond can also contribute to its overall vulnerability. Round shapes have more curves, and are therefore less prone to chipping. In contrast, square shapes like the “princess” or shapes which come to a point like the “trillion” or “marquise” will be more prone to damage. However, if expertly placed in the correct setting, the risk can be drastically reduced. 

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